I am presently unable to keep this site updated as the resource I want it to be.

But if I don't keep the name active, some mega-corp or regressive shadow group might grab it up. So I'm dropping info on my graphic design merchandise until I can devote the proper energies (or find a suitable new owner).


For now, please see my various graphic designs (and a small taste of my photographic work) at The Digital Gryphon at TeeSpring. And my Joy, Kindness, Love designs at JKL Designs at TeeSpring.

Gender (Whatever)

Pillows with our Gender (Whatever) logotype in a variety of colours and patterns. Select individual colours are available on apparel in the same shop.

Graphic Designs

Graphic Design and Photography by Brian Gryphon

Quantum or Basic

Quantum Gender because binary is so basic.

Joy, Kindness, Love

Designs encouraging Joy, Kindness and Love.