The Day The Homos Disappeared

Ron Romanovsky, from the groundbreaking gay folk music duo Romanovsky and Phillips, continues to write and perform. The following track from his 2008 album Turn Up The Fun is both fun and historical.

It is a great political statement wrapped up in upbeat accordion music; great to sing or dance along with. It also reminds me of a story that I read in “The Body Politic” newspaper, back in Toronto, in 1980. Fortunately ‘the day the homos disappeared; a cautionary tale’ (by Robin Hardy) is one of the articles that was included in “Flaunting It!“* I have not yet been able to find the story archived on-line although the Canadian Lesbian & Gay Archives probably has a hard copy of Issue 68 (Nov. 1980) in their collections.

Interesting trivia: at one point you can just barely make out a sign that says “Zip Code 87752” on what appears to be a Post Office. A quick Internet search suggests this video was shot in the village of Wagon Mound NM – 2008 population estimate 347. And the building in question is the “old Post Office“.

* – Ed Jackson & Stan Persky (Editors); Flaunting It! A Decade of Queer Journalism from The Body Politic; Vancouver and Toronto; New Star Books and Pink Triangle Press; 1982. Some used copies are available on-line: Flaunting It!

Received the following email from Ron:

September 19
From: “Ron Romanovsky
To: “Brian Gryphon
Thanks for posting my new vid. The story from Flaunting It! was in fact where I got the idea for the song, many years ago. I love it that you picked up on that.

** This review initially appeared on Deep Within I Know I’m Free.

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