Raising A Gender-Creative Child

A long time ago, in a studio far away, on the old Derek and Romaine Show I heard an interview with Lori Duron; Mother of CJ and author of a blog (and book) about adventures in raising a fabulous, ‘gender-creative child‘. I immediately borrowed the book from my local library, read most of her blog entries, and started following their Facebook page.

In the past year, the number of parents blogging about similar experiences has grown- or perhaps just become more visible. Each time I discover a new one it’s shared on my Facebook profile. I will continue to do so for some time, as they are still far too rare and still too risky for those involved, for me to be blase.

Yes, much of the ‘western world’ has gotten more accepting of LGBTQ folk. Not everyone, not every institution, and often just for adults. Children who are supported as they question social norms, gender roles and stereotypes are still not the majority. At least, for those who go beyond the idea that Nursing is a job for women while being a Doctor is a man’s career. My life has always included a loving, accepting family. But I’ve known so many, too many, queer folk that have not had that love and acceptance from their biological family. Things have, often, gotten better.

But not as quickly or thoroughly as it, in my not-so-humble opinion, should. Trans folk are still being murdered just for living. Kids are still being bullied for being suspected of being queer. Being– existence. Basic. Core. And so every time a young gender-creative person is accepted, another hunk of skepticism and bitterness falls away. As I told one of the bloggers listed here, “not only do you inspire young families- you mend old hearts.

Here is a short list- I will gladly add new ones as I find (or are told about) them.

Blogs and Other Resources:
Raising My Rainbow: Stories of CJ;
Crumble Pie: Stories of Penn;
My Son Wears Heels: Stories of Harry;
Gender Creative Life: Resources and blog;

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