About GenderQueer.Life

Launched in part as a response to the 2016 US Federal Election campaign and votes, GQL is, and will be, a platform for Gender Queer folk to inspire and be inspired by each other. Book reviews, sharing blog posts, videos and websites of interest are the starting point. Guest writers and publishing (in print) the full diversity of our community, our experiences, our hopes, dreams and struggles are on the horizon.

GenderQueer” is an attempt to bring together folks who identify as one or more of the following terms:
# Brian’s personal blog uses the acronym “LGBTiTQQ2s” to include lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, transexual, queer, questioning, and 2-spirit individuals;
# Others identify as Non-Binary, Gender-Creative, Gender-Fluid, Gender-Queer or Non-Gendered.

This site is built for we who understand these terms, rather than to educate others who think we need to justify our chosen gender identity. We do not. We will not.

About Brian Gryphon, Publisher

Brian is a published author, poet and photographer. He started playing with computers by programming basic for an IBM-5150 and continues to design and operate a number of web-sites; business and personal. He can be found on Twitter (@bgryphon) as well as on-line on various forums and blogs.

Perhaps of more interest to this project, Brian came out as gay in 1978 at the age of 19. He is a cisgender male whose partners have all been male but who has self-identified as queer for many years. Much of that is a reaction to what he refers to as ‘the preponderance of nearly-straight gay folk‘. As he notes in his blog post he is also an active Leatherman, ordained Non-Theist Spiritual Humanist and Sister Flirtatious Romanovsky of Middlesex, OPI.

About The Digital Gryphon LLC

Preserving and promoting queer stories and honouring queer lives
The Digital Gryphon llc helps those who want to save and share their personal stories and their artistic creations by editing, designing and publishing that material. GenderQueer.Life is as an opportunity for Brian Gryphon to use their skills and experience to share all our stories. Hosting fees and ancillary expenses may be covered by Affiliate Fees earned by The Digital Gryphon LLC from purchases made through links on this site.

Please contact us with any questions.